Introducing San Diego

Some people say San Diego lacks weather, but the city’s residents seem to be surviving just fine without it. In fact it’s the mildness of the climate that, above all, defines the city. Though it’s big (and growing fast), San Diego manages to hang on to a resort feel even amid the skyscrapers and brick […]

Visiting San Diego, CA

Elegant and sunny San Diego is truly a city with something for everyone. In town, a whole day or more could be spent in Balboa Park playing golf, touring the world-famous San Diego Zoo or visiting a museum. Just outside of town, Torrey Pines State Reserve offers a somewhat wilder terrain where visitors can view […]

San Diego

San Diego is a modern city on the Southern California seacoast, the second largest city in the state with 1.3 million residents. It is known for its ideal climate, miles of beaches, and location on the Mexican border, right across from Tijuana. It has a rich heritage built around sailing and is home to the […]