Customer Service


High End Customer Service in the Transportation Company

When you are paying for luxury ground transportation you expect the best no matter whether you are traveling for roadshows, corporate travel, or for personal reasons.  You expected high end customer service for your luxury travel and there are several ways for a transportation company to give you just that.


Customer service should be a top priority for any business especially if they are in the luxury ground transportation industry with a focus in corporate transportation.  Transportation services that offer 5 STAR SERVICE have taken the time to really consider what their customers want and how best to meet those needs.  This does not mean that they just have nice vehicles but it means that their chauffeurs are professionally trained drivers and their vehicles are spotless and well maintained.  Although those are essential items when it comes to customer service there are a lot of other factors to consider if you want to give your customers that 5 STAR SERVICE when they hire your company for luxury travel.


A great way for a travel company that specializes in corporate travel to maintain their customer service standards is for them to offer customer service training for their employees.  This is not only for the drivers but for all members of the company’s team.  By having all of your employees whether it is the person that does the booking or a driver you can effectively have all of your employees on the same page where they have the tools to work effectively as a team.  This will give them the opportunity and the ability to offer the best customer service that they can.  By setting high standards within your company you demand only the best and this will show when you hear back from your customers about how impressed they were while they used your services.

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When your transportation company offers transportation to roadshows, for corporate travel and other types of corporate transportation you know that there will be a lot of high end influential clients.  This is why it is important to instill in your employees how vital customer service is to the success of your transportation company.  Communication with your employees is key in emphasizing this importance and by utilizing an employee incentives program it can help to motivate your chauffeurs and booking agents to provide that high end customer service that you wish to offer your clients.

As you strive for that high end customer service in your transportation business there are several ways to reach that goal.  You can provide employees with opportunities for training but you can also focus your recruitment on individuals that exhibit strong customer service skills and integrate them into your company.  There are also great software programs and support technology that can be utilized to enhance your customer service.  These different programs will allow employees to enter a clients’ information and track their activities and information.  This allows for employees to be able to access that client’s information giving them the opportunity to assist your employees that are directly working with the customers.

Another great way to get fantastic customer service feedback is to offer frequent clients great deals on their corporate travel packages or by upgrading their vehicle if they hire you for multiple events and occasions.  This shows them that you appreciate their business and want to offer only the best customer service.


When it comes to 5 STAR SERVICE Sand Diego Sedan knows what we are doing.  We offer great rates by the vehicle rather than by the person and our vehicles are not only stylish but they are well maintained.  We understand that when you have to travel for work it may be stressful which is why all of our chauffeurs are professionals and know the best routes for where you need to go.  If you are looking to hire a driver for a concert our drivers are not only some of the best but they offer a great environment for you and your friends to truly make it a great night.  You will find that our drivers are professional but they are also personable and that is one thing that makes us stand out from other transportation companies.

We believe that customer service is a top priority and aim to please our clients from those traveling for corporate reasons or if it is a limousine full of kids on their ways to prom.  Every customer counts and by working hard we can provide our customers with only the best.  Many of our customers find that our drivers are courteous and professional and always consistent.  We pride ourselves on being extremely courteous and making sure that we have a driver for you when you need one and that you never miss a party, meeting, or flight.